ATM  Premium


If you already have ATMs, let us process your transactions for you. Free reports, free monitoring, and no hidden fees. 

ATM Premium stays on the leading edge of the ever-changing EFT market.  We provide innovative services such as internet-based reporting and detailed transaction information without locking you into long term agreements.  Our driving philosophy is to provide products and services that are unsurpassed by even the largest companies while maintaining a small company ability to respond quickly to customer needs

Our direct connections to nationwide ATM processing networks can translate into more profits and faster ATM processing transaction times — all while eliminating the middleman.
With ATM Premium as your network, your machines can be up and processing quickly via your existing communications infrastructure.  We use only terminals developed by leading ATM equipment manufacturers.

Your customers want quick ATM transaction processing that get them in and out in minutes. 

ATM Premium directly connects to ATM networks nationwide.  This eliminates the middleman, or gateway, which can translate into more profits for you and faster transaction times for your customers.

The use of dial-up lines to connect lower-volume ATMs to the host computer using the same technology millions of people around the world use to connect to the Internet.  The ATM’s modem simply dials the phone number of its host computer and makes a connection.  This method is convenient and is usually less expensive than a dedicated leased-line, making it the most common communication method in the off-premise market.

Secure TCP/IP, a web-based technology, allows you to easily and inexpensively integrate your ATMs into your existing IP and Ethernet networks to take full advantage of your investments.

Wireless technology, or cellular transport and routing service, is now available through a third-party supplier. This high-speed wireless solution works in conjunction with TCP/IP and legacy protocols, enabling any remote device to communicate through a single network scheme. Cellular transport operates over private cellular and PCS infrastructure and is designed for businesses that have a portfolio of deployed devices facilitating financial transactions.  This method also delivers a faster transfer of information.